Monday, January 11, 2016


 Even more than my own birthday, more than Christmas, more than 4th of favorite day of the year is probably Johns Birthday. (And probably my favorite picture ever right there. This post may be just an excuse to use that picture..)

As most of you know, I'm older than John. By a whopping 7 months! But still, I'll always be "older" in our eyes because we went to high school together. It's honestly probably the reason that I never even considered dating him while we were still just friends because "he was in a grade younger than me!!!" (The horror!!!!) I'm sure when we started dating some people were like, "omg Morgan and John Apfel? FROM 2007???!" Just kidding. Funny story though, A LOT of my high school girlfriends have ended up with younger guys in recent years, and maybe that's normal at this point to stop measuring life by grades, but I like to think that I started the trend, haha. (Older guys are SO 2006.)

So I just get so happy when we are THE SAME age. It's my favorite. I'm kind of obsessed with it. It's still my biggest regret that we didn't get married at the same age. I've heard myself lie a few times when talking to others (mostly strangers lol) that "we got married when we were 25" because it just sounds better, haha. (I was 26...) A few years ago when we were 24 I started this thing where sometimes I just randomly look around when life gets weird and go "just two 24 year olds, just living in Nebraska..." and I can't wait to go, "just two 27 year olds, living in South Carolina.." hahaha.

But I don't just love Johns birthday for my own selfish reasons, most of all I am glad he was born. Does anyone else sometimes just think like, "wow, what if --fill in the blank-- was never born?!" It's a crazy thought, but sometimes, especially around birthdays I get all like, "THANK GOD YOUR PARENTS WANTED ONE LAST BABY!!" Hahaha. I don't know what my life would look like is there was no John Apfel. He's the best thing that ever, ever happened to me. Anyways, I won't get all sappy here because I already did on the card I wrote him where I wrote on every blank space available, so he knows how I feel.

But I always feel bad because his birthday comes right after Christmas, and then the last two years has come right after a big move, he's gotten kind of shafted on Birthday gifts because we're always freezing our spending and what not. So he said he did NOT WANT ANYTHING  from me this year, and I complied with that....but he never said anything about Ted getting him a, loophole! Haha! (Haven't given it to him yet, so can't share here!)

I did make him this though...
Because he doesn't like cake so he always wants cookies, or cookie cakes. So I put this "cookie cake" together, haha. It's funny, but I think he liked it. And how funny is the card that I got him?

Haha, fitting right? Except we didn't buy any lottery tickets....yet. Isn't it up to like a bajillion dollars now??? My motto on lottery tickets is the same as gambling. But I also just get really nervous to go buy I don't, haha. (I feel like an underage kid buying cigarettes or something, like I'm doing something really bad and have no idea if I'm doing it right.) So maybe he won't win the lottery for his birthday, but I think he's alright without it. (My words, not his. He loves money.)

But I'm telling you (John) 27 is good. Real good. You're going to like it. So cheers to you being born and cheers to spending the next 5 months doing all the things I want to say we did when "we were 27."
Happy Birthday 

xxx love always, 

your older woman.


  1. Happy Birthday to John!!! Love the cookie cake! And don't worry - I've never bought a lotto ticket either, mainly because I don't even know how, haha. Hope you guys have a great day!

    1. Lol I know right? Like what do you say? Can I have one lottery ticket please? I'm afraid they will be like, what kind? and I'll be like never mind lol. Thank you for the bday wishes, he will see it since he loves to read my comments haha :)

  2. I'm three months older and I can relate to the same age thing! We just barely both got married as 24! If we had gotten married 16+ days later I would've been 25 and him 24 and I would've been all weirded out about it. I'm actually weirded out right now that I'm 25 and he isn't (for four more days).

    Happy birthday to John! I would much rather have that plate of cookies than a cake too, I feel it.

    1. Lol what sucks is that we have to go through the feelings of each age first. Like when I turned 25 I felt really okay about it, but then he turned 25 and I think he had a much harder time and I was like, " Stop it! I'm trying to be cool about it!!" haha. I don't even want to know what a big one like 30 will be like. I predict we both have somewhat of a freak out. At least its better than being further apart. I don't know if I could relate to someone who was too much younger or older than me. I think within a year is probably perfect.

  3. I love that birthday card and the cake! The other night I was going through a box that I keep all of my husband and I's memento's and I found the last two birthday cards that I gave him.. they were the same card and I pretty much wrote the same thing in them both haha! Happy (belated) Birthday to John!

    1. Hahahaha I'm sure someday I'll read mine back and they will all be similar. And possibly the same card haha. I hate cards I can never find one that really matches what I think lol. I usually just go with a funny one because it's too stressful lol.

  4. Happy birthday John! I love the cookie cake! Jacobs birthday falls right after Christmas too and I always feel so bad for him lol

  5. Aw happy birthday to your guy! Justin is almost 7 years older than me and when I was younger and we first started dating (19 while he was 26 for a few months) people would give him a really hard time. Now that I'm 25 and he's 31 it's not so so bad. LOL My FIL is 9 months younger than his wife though and he tells everyone he's married to an older woman. It's hilarious and adorable because they are 60 and 61. :p

    That cookie cake looks perfect. You're a great wife and friend, I can tell. I'm sure John had the best day!


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