Sunday, November 27, 2016

Turkey, turkey, turkey, 2016.

I could probably add another "turkey" in there because it's about noon on Sunday and I'm having my final turkey plate for lunch, lol. I figure four days is long enough so I'm throwing everything out after this. (Plus, I usually only do leftovers for MAX three days, but we had an 18 lb turkey...) 

The end of a long weekend is always sort of bittersweet, isn't it? John's been home since Wednesday afternoon and I don't know the last time he's had four days off in a row like this, but we're at the point now where we've done enough sitting around and eating and watching movies and shopping online, haha. Plus, in only a few weeks it'll be Christmas break and we'll be doing the same thing all over again. (Seriously healthy eating until December 23rd. I even created a group to help me do this, haha. STILL TIME TO JOIN!)

But obviously all the (unhealthy) food was great and fun, so let's start there. I did a bad thing and stopped at Trader Joe's and ended up with treats I didn't "stuffing flavored" chips. And then I went to Kroger and did another bad thing and got white cheddar cheese cubes. Basically, my plan for a "healthier" Thanksgiving this year flew out the window REAL quick. But it's fine. It was just my Mom, John and I and neither of them are really into that stuff. Actually, John HATES Thanksgiving food with a passion so if I had made some weird healthy shit, he would have been even less impressed. So I made sure to have the mashed potatoes, and stuffing (both included TONS of butter) and in an effort, I had green beans and a salad. Somewhat of a balance. (BARELY.) 

Few things I learned this year. No one's ever going to eat salad on Thanksgiving. Even if it's pretty. And two, you can't peel potatoes early and just keep them in the fridge until you're ready to boil/mash them. They turn grey, lol. WHOOPS. Live and learn. But really, everything was pretty good. I think my favorite thing ever is stuffing though. I know everyone has their own favorite recipe, but I just really love simple, simple stuffing with huge chunks of bread like this. So good. (Only thing John likes too, lol.)  And for the first time ever I tried to make my own gravy, and it, but another live and learn. I actually called my Dad in the morning and asked him how, but didn't write down any sort of directions so when the time came, I just tried something haha. But, not bad. Not bad. 

The highlight for sure though was this pecan pie that John brought home. His bosses wife actually made it for us and she has like a real southern accent and everything so trust me when I say it was AMAZING. (John says they're from Georgia, so YEAH.) I made a pumpkin pie and it, so I really just devoured this one. Like, got into it the night before Thanksgiving because I am crazy. (And pregnant. Can I use that as an excuse?) 

And after dinner, we ran out to Best Buy to get this baby!!! Not him, the camera! (Lol, bad joke.) I still need to learn how to use it, but I'm PUMPED! The next morning I had my Mom take a few pictures of us (like the one at the very top of this post) to use for our Christmas card, and I had only messed around with the camera for like 5 minutes and it was on some sort of timer, so every time she went to go take a picture, it would like beep for 10 seconds before it took the picture. Hence why Ted's not looking in ANY of them, haha. OH well. I only had Johns attention for like ten minutes, tops, so I had to make do with the shots we got. (PS who wants to swap Christmas cards?! Let me know!)

And other than that we just did a bunch of online shopping. John and I don't really exchange a lot of gifts at Christmas, we just each buy the things that we want over Black Friday weekend until we start to feel bad about all the money we've spent so we stop, haha. And we hardly wrap anything up because we can't wait. I mostly got some new "maternity" ish clothes since it won't be long until my normal wardrobe will be useless. (Got another pair of my favorite leggings. Sold out in every size now, lol.) And of course, some baby clothes!

I want those jammies in my size. They're the softest things ever. I hate to admit this, because it's stupid, but I'm actually really picky about her clothes. I'd like to put on my baby shower invite, "please don't buy any clothes.." but that would be so rude, lol. I know people love that stuff. I just like what I like and I'm not at all into frilly little girly things. Girlfriend is going to be so cozy and comfortable and cute. Just like her Mama. (JK I'm currently very uncomfortably squeezed into my size 24 jeans and it's so not cute, lol.) 

By the way, I think I totally "popped" over the weekend. Every time I look in the mirror all I see is this belly now. I said to John this morning, "I think 16 weeks was it, I look pregnant now." And he was like, "try 14 weeks." HAHA. So who knows. I think I was in denial for a while thinking that maybe I'd be one of those people who didn't show until forever, but not true. It's there. 

Or it's pie. Probably both though. (Also, sweater is Banana Republic from last year for those asking. It stinks like bacon and is probably dry clean only, lol.)

Annnnd, ending with more food. Because Thanksgiving is also known as the leftover weekend. I have to shout out John who made us seriously the best turkey Sandwiches Friday night. Like, he grilled onions and melted Gouda and everything. (Not not not healthy, but so good.) He really should cook more. (WINK WINK WINK.) 

But that's about it. I'm probably going to say this every single day and weekend and holiday for the next six months, but CAN'T BELIEVE WE WILL HAVE A BABY WITH US NEXT YEAR!!! I was actually thinking on Thanksgiving how I wished she was here now. I just can't even wait you guys. Like, I might start crying right now if I start thinking about it, haha. SO before I get all crazy...I'm going to sign off. Hope everyone had THE BEST turkey day!!! 


  1. You are the cutest little pregnant lady! I know exactly what you mean about baby clothes. One of my old co-workers loves to give me her daughter (who's 10 now!) hand me downs that are like sweatshirts with clowns on them. At my shower she gave me a bunch of clothes in like huge sizes. I feel so terrible because it's so sweet but I will never use them😬. Leighton's wardrobe is all courtesy of my mom but she just tells me to fill up a shopping cart online and send it to her...

    1. Lol, LUCKY!!!! Maybe I can get my Mom to do that too!! And that is super sweet of your friend...but yeah, no thanks lol. I know it's meant to be helpful and lord knows I don't have a million dollar budget for baby clothes. But I just like what I like!

  2. I love Banana Republic! Also, I wear size 24 jeans! I had no idea you were so small, haha. Not that you look big, but it's just rare to find people as small as I am. I returned pretty much everything people bought me for Jackson, unless it was a simple onesie or pants. And that is still ALL he wears. I've had people buy me baby jeans and he's never been in a pair of jeans. Or pants with pockets at all. Or anything but a onesie because that shit rides up and covers their nonexistent little necks and as probably annoying as shit. J only has to wear a sweatshirt to go to daycare now that it's cold, and I take it off right away. My friend has a baby girl and she puts her in the CUTEST things! She does onesies with over the knee socks all the time and the cutest cloth headbands (not the kind that look like they're giving the baby a headache all the time) and it makes me want a girl SO BAD! I love sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving! We had a honeybaked ham in Florida and it was AWESOME. F' the turkey. We're doing ham every year from now on!

    1. LOL baby jeans make me laugh. I feel like I HATE wearing jeans, why would I want to squeeze my baby in them haha. I mean, maybe I change my mind lol...but I'm more about super comfy and cute. I think I need to follow your friend though. I'm on the fence about headbands...they have to be super non dollish lol.

  3. Size 24 jeans? GOOD LORD YOU'RE SMALL, WOMAN! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving & enjoy that fancy new camera!

    1. LOL nooooot anymore!!!! And from what everyone keeps telling me, my hips will never fit into them again! I just am refusing to buy many new things. And have you seen maternity jeans...they're so weird!!!

  4. I really wish they'd make more kids clothes in adult sizes...


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