So, what am I doing here?

Well, I started this blog in early 2015 after years of saying "I should start a blog.." (Story of my life. Wait and wait and wait too long..) Originally I wrote all about our travels as for four years we moved across (and across and back across) country for my husbands job. Life was a tad lonely back then, even if it was exciting and I felt I had a lot to write about. And I was looking for community and a way to share and connect with others. Fast forward to now, we're currently settling down in the Dallas area FINALLY and are so excited to stop and create a real life.

Life right now looks like: house hunting, expecting our first baby, taming our wild pup, eating good old Texas barbecue and me trying to finagle my way around building my own business. (See FIT page!) It's a lot and at the same time, not. What's going on in my mind is usually crazier than what's actually going on in life. And maybe that's why I write. Because I NEED to sort through it all, all the time. (See Intagram for examples also, lol.)

I write a lot about memories because I believe at the end of the day, that's what life's all about. And I tend to "go go go" so if I don't stop to think and reflect and actually write things down, I worry I will speed through life and nothing will actually matter. (Am I going too deep?) So, I don't really focus a lot on pleasing anyone else here. (Unless you're interested in working with me, THEN COME ON OVER AND LET ME HUG YOU!) I mostly write for me in hopes that someday I'll look back and be like, "wow, I've had a great life." Because really, what would be better than that?

And if anyone is wondering what the hell "Morning Apple" means, the name was courtesy of my husband, who not only gave me my last name (duh), but informed me that in German, Morgan Apfel (sort of ) means - Morning Apple. And I like mornings. And I love apples. (W/ Justins almond butter, mmmm mmm!), right?


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